This is Our Story

At babytorpedo we are on a quest to build beautiful brands that help our clients grow. We understand and appreciate the craft of using art to produce communication.

We are storytellers. This is done in many ways including graphic design, film, web design, brand identity, social, package design, innovation, etc. The list goes on and on. We love creating hard working creative that keeps up with our ever-changing world.

Working in ad agencies has given us extensive experience in the industry. This helped us understand how to create work that fulfills client needs while having a ton of fun doing it. Also, as the landscape of creative work turned from paper and pencil to Macbook Pros and digital communication it has allowed us to find different ways to support our passion for art in all forms.

Create graphic communication makes us smile. It helps our clients. Pushes the envelope and makes a statement that can be heard from the mountaintops. We love it. Let's work together.