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Create a professional city-directory, show places and set-up events, let users submit listings and showcase all of this on Google Map embeds. This is our city directory theme, where users can submit events and places and also comment on them. We call it geoplaces. The powerful backend features Design settings, adding custom fields through our interface, adding new custom fields on registration page, and the features does not ends here. There is lot more. Designed strategically, the structure of the page is done in such a way that gives maximum exposure to essential elements.

GeoPlacesBusiness Directory Theme
The popular business directory theme that lets you have your very own local business listings directory or an international companies pages directory. This elegant and responsive design theme gives you powerful admin features to run a free or paid local business directory or both. GeoPlaces even has its own integrated events section so you not only get a business directory but an events directory too.

Why buy Geo Places ?
Because this is the best WordPress theme so far of its kind. GeoPlaces is a great Business Directory Theme for WordPress allowing you to create a city directory, list out the best places, add reviews and rating, show locations through Google maps, monetize and earn from it, and these are just some benefits. In this city directory theme, we have included the features very thoughtfully, neglecting the not so important stuff and including only the necessary features with the best usability and easy of use. GeoPlaces offers you a feature-packed WordPress Business Directory Theme that would make your site look great and also give you plenty of admin tools in the backend.